Selena Gomez's Style

I love Selena's style. Here she is wearing a leather jacket, jumpsuit, leather backpack, and suede pumps. I have provided below some cheaper style options. 

Selena Gomez wearing Zara Cut-Out Asymmetric Faux Suede Platform Pumps Frye Jenny Backpack Free People Printed Sunset Jumpsuit


Never Blogged Nail Looks

Hi guys,

Haven't posted in a few days but I just wanted to post some nail looks for inspiration. Enjoy!

 More looks after the break.....


Valentine's Day Look

Date Night

Date Night by luxlifestyle featuring a fake flower arrangement 

Valentines Day is coming up and I put together a little collage using Polyvore. The image I used above is a very sultry but this Valentine's Day I would go a bit more flirty by highlighting some key features like your lips, lashes, and overall glow. Go with a light metallic or pearly eyeshadow (a color that you find flattering) with a touch of pink on the lips- Maybelline color whisper is perfect for this. Add blush, mascara, false lashes, and some highlighter.  Round out the look with a short, tousled bob (if you have long hair, try a fake bob with curls). Read on to see some examples of the makeup...


Style Essentials: Winter/Spring

There is something about the leather jacket that makes it a staple piece. Mix it with a pair of jeans and a sweater and you have a stylish look for both winter and the cooler days of spring. Continue reading for more...


My Trip to Paris Vlog!

Hi guys,

Did you get to see part one of my trip to Paris? I made a vlog and I think you'll find it pretty eventful. I was very nervous traveling alone and it had been a while since I practiced my french. After a few days, I did get used to my surroundings and ventured out more. Watch the excitement below. Enjoy!


Nail Trends of Spring 2014

Nail Trends of Spring 2014 by luxlifestyle on polyvore.com

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