Delicate Periwinkle

Hi guys,

Have you heard of the BornPrettyStore.com? It has a variety of beauty, fashion, nail art, and accessory products at a decent price. If you check out the store however, you will find they have a lot of other items as well. As an affiliate, I do try out some of their products but I have been purchasing items from them for about 3 years. In this post, I will review one of their nail art stamp templates.

 I chose to use the bottom left and top left templates. 

Stamping is still a bit new to me but I believe this came out beautifully. I love this design because it reminds me of a holiday sweater. One suggestion I would make is using a stamper that has a bigger surface area in order to easily pick up the design better unless you're working with a small design.

Here I used the jumbled letters template.

If you plan on checking out BornPrettyStore, remember you can use this 10% off code  SHERLEYK31. Shipping is free as well.