Changed my blogspot name

Hi just wanted to let my viewers know that my blog name is no longer http://phatnchic.blogspot.com/ but is now http://xosherley.blogspot.com/. I decided to change it so that my blog could match my YouTube Channel. The title of my blog will still be Life and Fashion however. Sorry for any confusion I've caused! Please check back from time to time and don't be afraid to leave any comments or subscribe, there is much more to come. Thanks! xoSherley


Random Update

So, since I'm blogging more than usual, I just wanted to update everyone on well, my life. You all know that I am in fashion school at the moment and trying to graduate next year. I know in the beginning I said I could not sew that well. Well, I have learned pretty quickly. I was able to design and create a chic dress for my patternmaking class. My inspiration was the Lolita fashion which is prevalent all over the world but I was inspired specifically by the Lolita subculture found in Japan. There are several different types of Lolita...

there's the sweet Lolita

the Goth Lolita

Sailor Lolita


Casual Lolita

Shiro & Kuro Lolita and several more

So I incorporated this style in my design and created a chic and fashion forward version of this look. Now, I did not want to show my garment and design on this blog but I can quickly describe it. I used satin and lace fabric. The bodice part of the dress was princess bodice but had lace triangular insets on the side. The sleeve was made of alternating strips of lace and satin fabric. I added buttons to the back and closed off with a zipper at the top of the ruffled skirt. I am very proud of my design and that I was able to sew it all together. Okay, enough about that! I now want to talk about my future endeavors for this blog. I hope to start doing more fashion blogging and actually putting together some outfits. Hopefully you're all as excited as I am so stay tuned. Let me know what else do you guys want to see from me! bye :) 


Upcoming Youtube Tutorial: Punk Princess

POSTED! I used Wet n' Wild Coloricon eyeshadow palette for this look. The name of this Palette is Spoiled Brat with 3 colors deep pink, black, and silver. I was kind of skeptical as to how this would turn out at first because of the bold colors but I ended up loving the outcome. I really enjoyed this look and please check out my YouTube channel for this upcoming tutorial. http://www.youtube.com/user/xoSherley 

This is the palette I used