Egyptian Queen Wearable Makeup (pics)

Upcoming YouTube makeup tutorial (pics)

Lighting was not too great today but its not like I have an awesome web cam to take photos in the first place. My actual camera was dead and I so I used my laptop cam. Stay tuned for this look!


Outfit of the Day

So, I have been in the process of starting my fashion posts, but it has been a little more difficult than I thought. First of all, I need to do more shopping! I did not realize how little clothes (or the amount of old clothes) I had. So, I will be starting out very slowly and hopefully things will pick up soon and I can do more "outfit of the day" posts. I recently got some items from Kohl's and Macy's and this is how I paired them. The yellow tank (my mom's) is a bit much but I could not find the garment or color I was looking for- I was going for color blocking.