Why all the hate over Jelena?

A Year Without Rain [Deluxe Edition]So I am not a belieber but I do like Selena Gomez. She seems like a very stable and kind gal who also has a lot of talent. To top it off, she just stays out of trouble (well for now at least, lol). What I don't understand is why so many "beliebers" are so unhappy with their union. I'm sure they would be a lot more unhappy if it was Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, or - oh, I don't know Lindsay Lohan... ok maybe not that one, but one of those controversial ones. Yes, I know she's older but they do look great together.   
Too cute!

It's as if Selena took their future boyfriend away from them, as if they had a chance (well, Justin doesn't actually know they exist). Secondly, obsessive much?- I mean sending Selena death threats, that's taking it A LOT too far. So a message to the Beliebers out there... chill, just chill; and if you need to listen to a Justin Bieber song to help you do that, then by all means do it. To much anger will cause one to die early  and this is nothing to be angry about. I'm just saying... 


I Love A Good Handbag

Although I love fashion and want to look great (when I feel great), but I am not one to spend an absurd amount on "things". I'm a pretty cheap person but will spend money on stuff that will last. Take this Laptop I have for example, it is a Toshiba and I've had it now for five years- I am not lying. It has not totally broken down on me yet and should not until I get a new one. I am happy to say that I just ordered a new Toshiba which should be arriving in a few weeks; I'm pretty excited. Anyways, I am cheap but when I do spend a lot of money on something, I intend it to last me a good deal of time or at least until I am ready to get a new one. That leads me to handbags, I desperately need a new handbag! If I buy an everyday handbag- I use it as my only handbag unless I am going to some special event, then I may use another one. The handbag I have now was only $20 and the handles are shredding only after a year. I feel it's time to invest more money on my one everyday handbag. My eyes are set on a chic handbag by Jessica Simpson. I just heart her bags! The one I want is the Runway Bow Frame Satchels

It's definitely my style and I love the different fabrics it comes in. I love the dark denim synthetic python and I totally want to purchase it. It's $88 and it better last me two years, lol. What do you think of this handbag and what do you use as your everyday handbag?  Another bag that I want is the Roma Crinkle Hobo by SimplyVera Vera Wang

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Demi Lovato's Style

Here We Go AgainI took note of Demi Lovato's style lately and I find it edgy yet chic. She definitely directs her own style and in no way copies anyone else's- I love that about her. Lovato is often caught wearing some kind of hat and she absolutely loves her heeled boots. Scarves, open vests, and jackets are other signature items she sports as well as sunglasses. She often pairs them with shorter dresses or leggings/skinny jeans. Wherever Demi goes she looks fashionable, and I guess you have to when being hounded by paparazzi. Here is Lovato sporting her signature looks... and you can find similar looks in the links below.
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Best Dresses at the Oscars

Giuliana Rancic in Christian Siriano


Anne Hathaway in Atelier Versace

Anne Hathaway in Givenchy Haute Couture

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab

Celine Dion in Armani Privé

Halle Barry in Marchesa

Camilla Alves in Kaufmanfranco

Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein
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So the Oscars was this past Sunday and I have to say it was very entertaining his year. James Franco and Anne Hathaway made wonderful Hosts; they were both fresh and fun. The intro was totally badass, (I loved the movie "Inception", so I couldn't help but love the intro). Anywho, I'll be posting pics of my favorie Oscar gowns.