I Love A Good Handbag

Although I love fashion and want to look great (when I feel great), but I am not one to spend an absurd amount on "things". I'm a pretty cheap person but will spend money on stuff that will last. Take this Laptop I have for example, it is a Toshiba and I've had it now for five years- I am not lying. It has not totally broken down on me yet and should not until I get a new one. I am happy to say that I just ordered a new Toshiba which should be arriving in a few weeks; I'm pretty excited. Anyways, I am cheap but when I do spend a lot of money on something, I intend it to last me a good deal of time or at least until I am ready to get a new one. That leads me to handbags, I desperately need a new handbag! If I buy an everyday handbag- I use it as my only handbag unless I am going to some special event, then I may use another one. The handbag I have now was only $20 and the handles are shredding only after a year. I feel it's time to invest more money on my one everyday handbag. My eyes are set on a chic handbag by Jessica Simpson. I just heart her bags! The one I want is the Runway Bow Frame Satchels

It's definitely my style and I love the different fabrics it comes in. I love the dark denim synthetic python and I totally want to purchase it. It's $88 and it better last me two years, lol. What do you think of this handbag and what do you use as your everyday handbag?  Another bag that I want is the Roma Crinkle Hobo by SimplyVera Vera Wang

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