Foundation/Makeup Routine (Video)

Hi guys, I just uploaded another video yesterday (finally). I just wanted to show you how I do my makeup for the summer also my favorite foundation at the moment. I find that I apply makeup more often during the summer b/c overall, I am in a better mood (seasonal moodiness I call it :) ). Anyways, if you enjoy this video,please find me on YouTube and subscribe. Thanks!!  


Graduation Outfit

My sister graduated from college and I am sooo proud of her. Her graduation was several weeks ago and I got all dressed up of course. I went out shopping and looked for a chic outfit I could pair with other clothes other than the outfit I picked out. I have to tell you guys, when I go shopping, I take FOREVER to look for an outfit sometimes. This time, I told myself go in and just get what you were looking for and walk out. However, it was going to be a failure from the get go b/c I had no idea what I wanted to buy. I was worried about out my weight and how certain clothes looked on me.... I just was not sure what to look for when I walked in. So, I first went to Macy's and walked around for an hour, only to find a pair of stretchy, black, tapered pants by Alfani ($15). At least I started out with something! I finally left Macy's and went to The Limited. The clothes were expensive but very trendy and chic- exactly what I had been looking for. They had a great sale as well so I didn't have to empty my bank account too much. I ended up with I beautiful blush pink jacket by Forenza (about $170), an off-white sequined top (sale $10). I paired it with nude pumps from Style&Co ($60). Great buy I think! The only thing is that my arms weren't long enough for the jacket, but I can tailor that... I hope. Anyways, thanks for visiting.


Target and Drugstore Haul

I hope you enjoy my haul and I hope to upload more videos soon. Let me know what else you what else you guys want to see and please support by subscribing. Thanks! :)