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Hi Guys,
I am back from a long hiatus and can finally return to my regular schedule of blogging. As I mentioned in my last blog post, I was working on my senior collection for school and it is probably the most stressful, and exciting, thing I have ever done in my life. I only began sewing 4 years ago and this collection required more skills than I thought I was capable of. However, It was well worth it because I received great reviews from the people who attended the fashion show and I learned a lot. Once again, I was inspired by Versailles and its beautiful colors as well as details. Creating this collection was a dream and it took me back to my trip to Paris. Unfortunately, I was having trouble with one of the garments and I decided to pull it out of the show. Alas, I had 4 other wonderful garments that I was able to show off. You may view my collection starting with the first video - Urban Chic Part 3 at the 4:45 min mark and my final walk is at the beginning of the next video. There are some more images after the jump but you will have to wait for more quality images until the next blog post or depending when I receive them. I am so proud of myself and I hope you all enjoy watching this! Please let me know which one was your favorite garment!

My Website: http://beautyornothing.wix.com/sherleytelus

Model Emily felt like a princess in my pink gown.

My friend and model Alex. She looked ravishing in my cobalt blue gown.

A favorite amongst many of the attendees 

Two of my Gowns

My Models


  1. these clothes are amazing, you should be really proud!


  2. Thank you so much Louise Francesca! I am very proud of my hard work.