Never Blogged Nail Looks

Hi guys,

Haven't posted in a few days but I just wanted to post some nail looks for inspiration. Enjoy!

 More looks after the break.....


Valentine's Day Look

Date Night

Date Night by luxlifestyle featuring a fake flower arrangement 

Valentines Day is coming up and I put together a little collage using Polyvore. The image I used above is a very sultry but this Valentine's Day I would go a bit more flirty by highlighting some key features like your lips, lashes, and overall glow. Go with a light metallic or pearly eyeshadow (a color that you find flattering) with a touch of pink on the lips- Maybelline color whisper is perfect for this. Add blush, mascara, false lashes, and some highlighter.  Round out the look with a short, tousled bob (if you have long hair, try a fake bob with curls). Read on to see some examples of the makeup...


Style Essentials: Winter/Spring

There is something about the leather jacket that makes it a staple piece. Mix it with a pair of jeans and a sweater and you have a stylish look for both winter and the cooler days of spring. Continue reading for more...