Loreal Anti-Dull Skin Primer Review

 Hi Guys,

There was another clearance sale at my favorite drugstore, Kinney's, and I picked up several beauty items; I will probably do a haul post later. One of the items I bought was L'Oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer. I've heard of skin primers but never found one in my shade (at the drugstore anyway) or was too afraid to buy one online. However, this particular drugstore is sometimes great with providing makeup products for many shades.

So after giving this product a couple tries, I absolutely fell in love with it! This face primer is definitely worth a try and I would buy it even at full price. It left my face looking smooth and bright. It does the following things...
  • it blends beautifully with my skin
  • reduced the look of my dark circles
  • reduced the look of my blemishes
  • my face looked airbrushed when I finished my makeup
  • brightened my face
  • has a bit of shimmer which left my skin radiant
  • also evened out my skin which were full of dark areas
Some of its properties
  •  light-weight
  • very blendable (very liquid which is good when applying a lot of makeup)
  • has shimmer (but not an over powering amount)
  • comes in a bottle with a pump 
  • only need to apply 2 pumps for the entire face and neck  

I honestly don't have any cons maybe because I have been searching for a product like this all my life! Lol.

 Final Grade: A

 I would like to note that I did not use concealer

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  1. Your skin does look radiant. It looks like it has a fair bit of coverage, which you don't usually tend to get with primers too. Nice find! sparkle2day.com