Sally Hansen Green Magnetic Polish

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 Today I wanted to review Sally Hansen's Magnetic Nail Polish. I rate this nail polish an A++. First of all, the texture of this nail polish when applied is extremely smooth! I have never used a polish the had such a rich, not too thick and not too soupy texture. The color is absolutely gorgeous and vibrant. After the polish dried, I felt like I was looking at an emerald gleaming in the sunlight. Once again, my pictures do not do it justice. One thing that I dislike is the actual magnet that creates the design. First, it did not cover the whole nail. It is also very flat and my nails are very rounded across the width. Thus, I felt like it did not sufficiently add the design throughout my whole nail. Other times, it would not work and I am not sure why. But, when t does work, it creates an absolutely beautiful effect! I want to grab all the colors in the collection.