2011 Golden Globes Fashion: Fab or Flab

I surprisingly forgot to watch the Golden Globes Red Carpet event the other day. Usually I don't watch the actual awards show and just take a quick peek at what the celebs are wearing but, I did it the other way around this time. I thought Ricky Gervais was pretty hilarious and I agreed with most everything he said. For example, when he spoke about The Tourist being nominated, I felt the same way- and I didn't even watch the movie! My sis (and other people) said it sucked and advised me not to waist my precious time. It seemed like movie people (directors, whatever) thought, "put America's most famous actors, Angelina and Johnny, in a movie and people will get excited and we'll make bank." I was hoping that Julianna Margulies, who plays a character on The Good WifeThe Good Wife: The First Season (my favorite show), would win a Golden Globe but it went to some random chick. Anyways, I was just looking through some of the dresses and I wanted to give my thoughts on some of them.
2011 Golden Globes: Fashion Police - Photo Gallery - E! Online

First up is Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf,
Personally, I don't think the dress is as terrible as some claim. I thought the empire waist was a nice shape for her especially with the baby bump and the pearly pink color looked wonderful. The giant red rose could have been tweaked a little bit though. I would have put small  intricate designs under the bust and removed the loose ruffle in the front and made the dress flow all the way down. Angelina Jolie was fab in her emerald green Atelier Versace gown. The dress looked very classic and glamorous, like the Statue of Liberty. Lea Michele wore a light pink Oscar de la Renta gown, and I have to say this was somewhat flab. The dress just weighed her down and how could it not with all that draped fabric. Other than that, I did like her curly side do and her makeup looked fresh. Eva Longoria looked absolutely Fab in her black, Zac Posen, curve hugging dress. That gown made her look good in all the right places and the satin sash around her middle gave it a lovely feminine touch. Sandra Bullock looked a mess in her Jenny Packham gown. This look was flab. Everything was wrong about her look; The dress was frumpy and out-of-date, her hair looked... idk a bit odd and she looked washed out as well.

January Jones wore a very showy, fringy, red Versace  dress. In my opinion, I just did not like this gown that much. It was a bit too much and I've seen her dressed in better. Megan Fox in Armani PrivĂ© didn't hit the mark for me. The blush color didn't go with her skin tone and overall the dress was just too boring for Megan's va va voom features; so, I say Flab. Anne Hathaway was Bing-Bam Fab in her copper Giorgio Armani PrivĂ© disco-like dress. She came there saying hey look at me dammit! I was a bit surprised at Anne, Usually I see her wearing more refined gowns and demure colors, but not this time. Jennifer Lopez was dressed in a white Zuhair Murad gown. Okay, lose the straps and the jeweled wrap and I think the dress would have been fabulous. The gown had nice detail in the front yet, I didn't notice it because of the wrap. So, this is also flab. Olivia Wilde was like a diamond in the ruff in her Fab Marchesa gown. It was one of my favorite dresses. The glitz, the sparkle- Muah, I loved it! I really disliked Julianne Moore's Lanvin dress. The dark pink color worked for her but this one-sleeved mess is a Flab, no doubt about it! Well, I hope to design and create dresses as well as half of these designers one day! Sigh...

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180 to fashion

I am so excited to be a fashion student. A year ago, I was majoring in biology and wanted to become a doctor. I was up all hours of the night (and morning) studying for chemistry exams and doing calculus problems, incapable of keeping my eyes open. I was exhausted with it all. So, with the lack of support and other factors, I gave up and sought another major. I was advised to seek something else in health care, but I was not interested. That's when I ended up doing a complete 180 to fashion design and entrepreneurship. This would be fun, still hard work, but fun. Why the hard work, well, nothing in life is easy and success requires a lot of persistence and determination- also, I cannot sew! I have dabbled on a sewing machine and played around with a needle pretending to sew a button back on... but that's about it. Yup, I'm doomed. How old am I, 22, sh*& when did that happen? I have made some progress though. For the last year I have  enrolled and attended a (not so awesome) fashion school. I have sewn a tote bag, made a simple A-line skirt... what else, oh yes, I learned how to make croquis, I was taught how to draw garments better (cause I totally sucked before) and other somewhat valuable information. Yes, I guess I am making good progress but not enough for all the money I spent at that sham school. My dream school is Parsons, you know, the one in New York. My portfolio and challenge is nearly complete. I am also applying to Mass Art and other schools I can't remember right now. Gee, My back is sore and my eyes are beginning to rest without my permission. Guess I'll continue tomorrow with a part 2 ; )