180 to fashion

I am so excited to be a fashion student. A year ago, I was majoring in biology and wanted to become a doctor. I was up all hours of the night (and morning) studying for chemistry exams and doing calculus problems, incapable of keeping my eyes open. I was exhausted with it all. So, with the lack of support and other factors, I gave up and sought another major. I was advised to seek something else in health care, but I was not interested. That's when I ended up doing a complete 180 to fashion design and entrepreneurship. This would be fun, still hard work, but fun. Why the hard work, well, nothing in life is easy and success requires a lot of persistence and determination- also, I cannot sew! I have dabbled on a sewing machine and played around with a needle pretending to sew a button back on... but that's about it. Yup, I'm doomed. How old am I, 22, sh*& when did that happen? I have made some progress though. For the last year I have  enrolled and attended a (not so awesome) fashion school. I have sewn a tote bag, made a simple A-line skirt... what else, oh yes, I learned how to make croquis, I was taught how to draw garments better (cause I totally sucked before) and other somewhat valuable information. Yes, I guess I am making good progress but not enough for all the money I spent at that sham school. My dream school is Parsons, you know, the one in New York. My portfolio and challenge is nearly complete. I am also applying to Mass Art and other schools I can't remember right now. Gee, My back is sore and my eyes are beginning to rest without my permission. Guess I'll continue tomorrow with a part 2 ; )     

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