Why all the hate over Jelena?

A Year Without Rain [Deluxe Edition]So I am not a belieber but I do like Selena Gomez. She seems like a very stable and kind gal who also has a lot of talent. To top it off, she just stays out of trouble (well for now at least, lol). What I don't understand is why so many "beliebers" are so unhappy with their union. I'm sure they would be a lot more unhappy if it was Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, or - oh, I don't know Lindsay Lohan... ok maybe not that one, but one of those controversial ones. Yes, I know she's older but they do look great together.   
Too cute!

It's as if Selena took their future boyfriend away from them, as if they had a chance (well, Justin doesn't actually know they exist). Secondly, obsessive much?- I mean sending Selena death threats, that's taking it A LOT too far. So a message to the Beliebers out there... chill, just chill; and if you need to listen to a Justin Bieber song to help you do that, then by all means do it. To much anger will cause one to die early  and this is nothing to be angry about. I'm just saying... 

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