Sometimes I find it very difficult to dress myself these days. When I find a garment that fits me perfectly and makes me look good I get so excited. Like this skirt I bought from Marshalls a year ago. This is my first time trying it on since it was hidden in my sister's stuff and she only recently returned it to me. I had completely forgotten about it and hurriedly tried it on. I love that this skirt hugs my hips and flares out into a mermaid style. I paired it with a faux leather two toned jacket also from Marshalls and a simple tank top. The sleeves of the jacket are a bit long and the buckle is a bit in the way but I think its a great buy.

I also captured my sisters during my ootd shoot. My younger sisters have grown so beautiful- and to my chagrin a lot taller than me :). Later on we spotted a toad and I couldn't help but take several pictures.       

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