Covergirl TruConceal Review

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In this blog post I am reviewing Covergirl’s TruConceal Concealer. A few days ago, I went on a hunt for a new concealer that was somewhat inexpensive. I was hoping to find one that was thick and creamy in texture; I am not a huge fan of the extremely liquid types. Since there is a CVS nearby, I decided to search for my concealer there. Currently there are a lot of beauty items on sale at CVS, from nail polish to makeup. I went through different brands and most of their concealers were in liquid form which was an utter annoyance. I did discover one concealer in lipstick form but it was more than $12, and so I was not interested. Finally, I got to the Covergirl section and spotted the TruConceal concealer. With a mineral based formula that is superblendable, I thought to myself- this is exactly what I'm looking for. Plus, it was on sale at 50% off so of course I grabbed it. The retail price is about $8 to $9 but it was now on sale for $4.25- Yippee! .

  When I first opened it up, it was a bit more liquid than I expected but it was still thick enough. Unfortunately, the shade I bought was much lighter than my skin and was the darkest shade available. However, lighter concealers do brighten up your eyes and overall look, so I was still excited to try it.

 So here I am without any makeup. I have developed these terrible dark circles after pulling a couple all-nighters and not getting adequate sleep over the school semester. As you can see I have both red and blue patches under my eyes and I look very tired. Let’s see what magic this concealer can perform.

First I add foundation. The foundation I am using is Lorac’s Breakthrough Performance Foundation.

 Now Concealer

 True to its word, it is smooth and blends very well. The product is liquid but not watery like another concealers I possess. It is the right kind of consistency in my opinion. As it blends into my skin, the jarring light shade sort of dulls and is just bright enough to lighten my eye area. I forgot to add that this is a medium coverage concealer but it is meant to look very natural, like a no makeup type of look.

 Now for powder, eye shadow, brows, lashes, blush, and lips.


TADA! I look lively, super cute, and my dark circles have about disappeared.

 My eyes look soo bright and awake and I have to say I do love this concealer. I only wish I could find it in my perfect shade or a shade lighter, but overall it does its job and provides a natural look. Thanks for checking out my blog. Next I will be talking about my New Years Resolutions! Check back often.

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