My NYC Trip

Hey guys! Last weekend I went to NYC and had lots of fun. I have been to New York more than a bajillion times but it was usually to visit relatives in Coney Island. Never did I actually tour around New York, even after begging my parents...pretty lame isn't it. I guess I had few opportunities to go on my own but it never happened. So this time, I was finally on my own...wait, well with my school but still on my own, with friends.

The first thing we did of course was go shopping. First stop was H&M. It was the best H&M I had ever been to, but is that a surprise? this is NYC! I bought a sheer, black blouse with a bow in the front. Next, I walked around Times Square (my first time) and it was just lively; there were so many people. Since all my friends had already been to the Empire State Building and all those other touristy spots, I decided it was not the best time to site see. Fortunately, I received a ticket last minute for the Spider-man, Turn Off the Dark play. I didn't pay a penny because it was already paid for. The play was brilliant, I loved it! I would definitely recommend it. Spidey was swinging around the theatre and the singing was incredible, luv luv luv! I have seen one theatre show (wouldn't call it broadway) but I hope to see a lot more.

After the show, I visited the Hello Kitty store, and Macy's. Did you know the Macy's there had nine floors- Holy Sh%#balls! I have to say I am not a fan of Macy's but this store had every brand- with nine floors, I would hope it had everything! At hello Kitty, I bought two shower caps and two tote bags, all for my little sisters. Guess how much it was....$40, yeah pretty over the top even for NYC. At Macy's I bought a cotton white blazer, long sleeve pink shirt, sweatpants, and boots.

Ooh, I almost forgot, as my friends and I were walking into the FIT museum, Michael Kors and his Husband, I guess, walked right past us...and we didn't notice until the last minute! He literally held the door for my friend. As he smugly walked up to a black car, I whipped out my camera and with no shame got as close as possible (which was not that close) and snapped a picture. He looked right at me  (:  I wish I could have interviewed him or something, being an aspiring designer and all, but I was happy to see a well known designer.

So that was my trip in a nutshell! Here are some pics below and of course Michael Kors is in one of them. They are kinda out of order, I was having some trouble with uploading.

Michael Kors getting into car

Empire State Building lit up in purple

Me and friends on the Digital Billboard thingy on Times Square

Spider-man Turn Off the Dark
Interesting people in Times Square

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